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Matthew Carter

The Inspiration behind the New York Times 
bestselling novel, Ghost
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Your Story is Your Superpower!

TedxTalk by Matthew Carter

In his TedX Talk, Matthew describes his story that not only inspired the book Ghost, but also turned him into a superhero. 

Jason Reynolds and Matthew Carter on stage

"Over 15 years ago, I would tag along with my brother Jason Reynolds to his spoken word shows. I never imagined I would join him on stage one day. It's an honor to be included in one of the many future literary classics he has written. #therealGhost" 

- Matthew Carter



Matthew Carter is the inspiration behind Ghost, a New York Times best-selling novel by Jason Reynolds. Recently named one America’s 100 most-loved books by the Great American Read, Carter’s story has served as welcomed introduction to literature for thousands of students, and given thousands more an opportunity to see themselves on the page.

Confronted with the overwhelming popularity of Ghost and the need for authentic voices, Matthew was asked to share my story at a few schools.  Now with continued support from Jason and a few amazing teachers and librarians, Matthew travels around the country sharing his story of triumph over trauma. His “Ghost Talks” explore the trauma, and subsequent search for acceptance, that inspired Castle “Ghost” Crenshaw.

Matthew is grateful for every chance he gets to let people know our stories are our superpower and we are ALL superheroes!



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